The EST 1565 utilizes direct mass measurement technology to provide an adaptive, economical package for stationary engine testing. The system adapts to fuels from diesel to M-85 without adjustment. A dual loop configuration provides temperature control on the entire system within 2°C over the range. Fuel rail flow rate and pressure are adjustable with absolute pressures from 1.2 to 5 bar. The standard consumption measurement range of 10 to 1500 grams per minute with greater than 1% accuracy can be increased by rapidly swapping meters. The system can eliminate vapor without test interruption by utilizing electronic vapor detection coupled with automatic valves. The closed loop path provides full throttle transient responses within 1 second while applying minimal back pressure on the return line. The mechanical package is available in many geometry's to fit into existing test cells and is suitable for use in hazardous environments. Temperatures from 20 to 150°F with total system accuracy of +/-2°F
  • Accurate fuel pressure regulation from 5 to 100 psig.
  • Temperatures from ambient to 80°C with total system accuracy of 1°C
  • Dual carbon beds
  • Sealed and blanketed fuel storage
  • Fuel & N2 flowrate regulation better than 1 LPH
  • Leak, pressure, and temperature interlocks
  • Fully programmed Windows based control & data acquisition
  • Optional automated mass measurement
  • Fuel hose prep station
  • Easily adapted for cup type permeation measurements
  • Variable speed fuel pump

Consumption measurement

Engine Dynamometer